Miyagawa Prawn Farms

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Pursuing the heavenly
goodness of Amakusa

Amakusa is blessed with its seas.
Amakusa is blessed with its people.

The highest of qualities is possible because of our being in Amakusa.
Miyagawa Prawn Farms was founded in 1959 in Amakusa: the “Sea of Treasures” and the pride of Kumamoto.

In those years, fisheries were transitioning from wild to cultured harvests.

The founder, Miyagawa Ryosuke, established innovative aquaculture techniques and began receiving orders from throughout Japan.
Over the years traditional methods have evolved to adapt to changing times and changes in the environment.
We continue to culture the lives in our keeping both ethically and with respect as our founder did. And we will hand down these ways to future generations.

Pursuing the “heavenly goodness of Amakusa” in a sustainable way is the mission of Miyagawa Prawn Farms.

Faced with the sea and working with it, we have striven to deal in prawns with utmost integrity and we will always do so.

Umi-no-Tenryo Kuruma Prawns, the best prawns Miyagawa Prawn Farms offer, are excellent in their fresh, firm texture with a flavor that hints of the pleasant sea breezes of Amakusa.

A rich flavor and sweetness that is full of nourishment.
Its special zest is obvious the moment you try it.
Try Umi-no-Tenryo Kuruma Prawns, an exceptional prawn of exceptional vitality.


Special Advantages of
Miyagawa Prawn Farms

Aquaculture System

We are proud of our established aquaculture techniques developed since the company’s foundation in 1959. From hatching, the young prawns are monitored 24 hours a day. The ponds into which young prawns are introduced are checked by divers every day for water quality and the condition of the prawns.Harvesting begins every morning before the sun rises, and the prawns are shipped throughout Japan. Every stage is carried out entirely by our company.


No added chemicals are used in the feed. Only natural enzymes are mixed into the feed to improve umami. We also maintain a population density as low as possible to ensure that our farming is friendly to both the prawns and nature.

03Stable Shipping
by Changing
Farming Locations

We are able to offer stable shipping by changing farming locations according to the season: in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture from summer through winter; in Okinawa Prefecture from autumn through spring.

04New Aquaculture

To adapt to a changing natural environment, we’ve been developing new farming techniques through the use of photosynthetic bacteria. This improves immunity, causes fewer losses, and promotes the growth of larger, tastier prawns.

Quality of
Umi-no-Tenryo Kuruma Prawns

We offer our prawns either live or ikijime fresh-frozen.

Recently, sales of ikijime fresh-frozen prawns have been increasing greatly.

Our customers are very pleased with our fresh-frozen fresh prawns. “No difference” is reported between the ikijime prawns and live prawns, and the ikijime prawns are “easy to handle with very few losses.”

Prawns landed early in the morning are coated with a selection of salt and ice, and immediately vacuum-packed. There is little excess fluid; the flavor, texture, and taste are the same as the live prawns we are so proud of.

Reducing impacts both on the environment and food waste are important aspects as our company aims ever higher towards sustainable farming.

We are proud of our speedy process of fresh-freezing and shipping that is carried out on the day of the morning’s harvest. This enables customers to receive the very freshest and tastiest prawns delivered throughout Japan.

Fresh-Frozen Prawns

Fresh-Frozen prawns are very popular and their share in sales is rapidly increasing. Because their taste and texture meet the standards of live prawns and they are also easy to handle, our vacuum-packed fresh prawns are highly praised by chefs domestically and internationally.

Live Prawns

Live Umi-no-Tenryo Kuruma Prawns from the best environment have a unique sweetness and texture that only live prawns can offer. These make a very special gift for someone important to you.
Enjoy our prawns’ very fresh flavor made possible because of the rapid processing that takes place frompre-dawnharvest, carefulandquick selection, to packing and shipping!

Kuruma-Prawn Products

Flavored Salt

Furikake condiments
for rice

broth base

As a Kumamoto Prefecture registered SDGs company, we take strong measures to reduce food waste.
Kuruma-Prawn powders are made from heads and shells, and such powders are made into shrimp-flavored salts and furikake condiments for rice, and flavorings for broths. We strongly recommend our savory umami products.

Miyagawa Prawn Farms

Head Office

2698-1 Shigaki-machi,
Amakusa City, Kumamoto

TEL: +81-969-22-2783

FAX: +81-969-23-8307

Email ebinomiyagawa@s6.dion.ne.jp


We are a Kumamoto Prefecture Registered SDGs company.
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